100 Fun Simon Says Ideas Kids Will Love

Simon Says commands are not always easy when you’re trying to think of them as you play.

Luckily, we’ve done the work for you! Today we are sharing a huge list of creative, fun and engaging Simon Says commands and ideas just for you!

100 Simon Says Ideas and Commands

It’s best to always start of with simple and easy commands to make sure that everyone understands the rules and feels confident about playing.

We are going to begin with some easy commands that work great for beginners or young kids, toddler or preschoolers. (That being said, these work for big kids too).

- Simon Says touch your nose - Simon Says, tap your toes - Simon Says, close your eyes - Simon Says bounce like a kangaroo - Simon Says touch your shoulder - Simon Says run in place - Simon Says, touch your elbow

- Simon Says, touch your leg - Simon Says, touch your knee - Simon Says touch your stomach - Simon Says, touch your back - Simon Says stand up - Simon Says, sit down - Simon Says jump up and down

- Simon Says spin around - Simon Says, nod your head - Simon Says stomp your feet - Simon Says kneel down - Simon Says crawl on the floor - Simon Says lay on your back - Simon Says roll on the floor

- Simon Says walk in place - Simon Says jog in place - Simon Says do jumping jacks - Simon Says turnaround - Simon Says, blink your eyes - Simon Says, clap your hands - Simon Says, snap your fingers

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