100 Mother-Son Date Ideas to Enjoy Together

Spending one-on-one time with your kids is so important. Mommy-Daughter time is a tradition, and Father-Son time is important, but Mother-Son bonding is super valuable too.

Every kid and relationship is different, so go through this list of activities to find some ideas that will work for you!

Ride Go Karts

If you’re the competitive type like I am, you’re sure to love racing go karts! And if your son isn’t old enough to drive their own, have them be your copilot while you race them around the track.

Catch a Movie

Look up some local showtimes and go see a good movie! Don’t hold back! Go ahead and buy the popcorn, candy and soda!

Find a Nature Center

Learn about your local environment by exploring a nature center together!

Paint Together

Grab an easel, some paints and a canvas and paint whatever comes to mind! This idea doesn’t take much time to set up!

Go To a Theme Park

Theme parks are the perfect way to spend time with your son! Who doesn’t love rollercoasters and funnel cake?

Teach Them To Cook Their Favorite Foods

Does your son have a favorite dish? Go buy the ingredients and teach them how to prepare it!

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