10 Simple Tips for Throwing A Stress Free Birthday Party

Use these simple tips to plan your next stress free birthday party. Learn how to keep a kids party fun and festive without all the stress!

1. Plan an Experience Instead of a Party

It is much less chaotic than a big party, and almost no effort planning

2. Keep the Food Simple

If you are serving lunch, and need a pizza alternative, buy the value-size box of PB&J Uncrustables.

3. Skip the Theme

Themes are great but if you’re spending all of your time and energy trying to get matching party favors and decorations, it just adds unnecessary stress.

 4. Limit the Guest List

Only invite kids your child actually enjoys to be around.

 5. Get the guests involved

Instead of buying a bunch of plastic crap to put in a goodie bag, come up with a fun activity that the kids will enjoy and can take home.