10 Powerful Benefits of Minimalism for Kids

Feeling like all the toys and clutter are taking their toll and overwhelming your child? You’re right! Learn how the benefits of minimalism for kids can be life changing and how your family can enjoy a life with less stuff, clutter and chaos.

1. Reduced frustration

When their environment is simplified they become more calm and relaxed because they are able to focus, decide and play without becoming anxious and over-stimulated.

2. Increased focus

When you reduce the amount of toys, colors, sounds and objects you will notice and increase in any child’s ability to focus.

3. Promotes independent play

Independent play fosters increased self-esteem, feelings of self assuredness and their ability to problem solve.

4) Makes clean up manageable

When children have just a few toys to put away, or a few clothes to fold they are usually happy to comply because the task is manageable.

5. Encourages creativity and imagination

Many minimalist moms swear by open-ended toys to spark imagination and creativity.