10 Amazing Benefits of Toy Rotation for Kids (and Parents)

Many parents are surprised to learn that the amount of toys children have access to at one time can impact behavior, independent play, and so much more.

1) Toy Rotation Reduces Clutter

As parents, we all want the best for our kiddos. We want them to play, laugh, learn and grow. In the beginning it seems that toys are a great way to provide these experiences for our children.

2)Toy Rotation Can Improve Behavior

Over the years I have continued to read child development research, experiment with my own children, and follow the teachings of Joshua Becker, Kim John Payne and Maria Montessori.

3. Cean up takes less time

When there are fewer toys out t a time, clean up and organization is quick and easy.

4) Toy Rotation Fosters Creativity

Having fewer toys available allows your child’s imagination to come to life.

5) Saves Money

Your child will be excited to see their toys that have been MIA and you will save yourself a trip to the store to buy something new.

6)Decreased Frustration and Overwhelm

One of the most amazing benefits of toy rotation is the impact it can have on behavior.