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50 Easy Store-Bought Birthday Treats for School

I’m a mom and elementary school teacher, so that pretty much makes me an expert when it comes to school birthday celebrations since I plan almost 30 of them every year. Speaking from experience – easiest is best! In today’s post I am sharing over 50 of the best store-bought birthday treats to celebrate your child’s birthday in the classroom.

Classroom party - store bought birthday treats

Individually Wrapped Birthday Treats: Perfect for School Parties

I am a big believer in all things simple…especially when it comes to birthdays.

Your child’s classroom birthday party is no different.

That is not the time or place to go over the top or all out.

Sure, it’s fun to celebrate birthdays in the classroom, but save the cake and ice cream for the party you throw at home.

Besides, many schools no longer allowed home-baked treats.

And with the rise of food allergies like nut, gluten and dairy – a pre-packaged birthday treat that has all ingredients clearly labeled is a must.

Even during a normal year your child’s teacher would much prefer to hand out a fun and simple individually wrapped treat than to walk around a room with 30 kids all begging for the last chocolate cupcake while she does her best to not drop them or shove her fingers into all of them.

To make life easier – choose one of these fun store-bought birthday treats that are kid (and teacher) approved.

Need some awesome last minute birthday gift ideas?

Store bought classroom birthday treats for school.

Before selecting a snack to send into the classroom, be sure to check with your child’s teacher to see what the school’s guidelines are. Many schools require peanut-free snacks or don’t allow homemade baked goods at all. Before spending a lot of time or money putting together classroom snacks, it’s a great idea to ask if anyone has any special dietary requirements as well.

The Best Prepackaged School Birthday Treats

Individually wrapped birthday cookies.

When choosing classroom birthday treats, I can tell you with 100% certainty that your child’s teacher will absolutely love you if you choose an individually packaged snack to celebrate their special day.

There are so many students with dietary restrictions these days, passing out school birthday snacks can be a very stressful event.

Store-bought snacks with nutrition labels that clearly list all ingredients are so helpful to avoid life threatening medical conditions like nut allergies.

I promise that sending any of these awesome birthday snacks will be a big hit with the kids and your child’s teacher.

1) Fruit By The Foot

2) Little Debbie Cosmic Brownies

3) Personal Party Cakes

4) Bakery Style Birthday Sandwich Sugar Cookies

5) Donut Party Lollipops

6) Rice Krispie Treats

7) Popsicles

8) Gummy Snacks

9) Cotton Candy

10) Candy Necklaces

11) Sour Gummy Worms

12) Gummy Cheeseburgers

13) Ice Cream Sandwiches

14) Drumsticks

15) Whistle Pops

16) Astropops

17) Airheads

18) Ring Pops

19) Cracker Jacks

20) Unicorn Tears

21) Scooby Snacks

22) Jello Pudding Snacks

23) Dinosaur Lollipops

24) Happy Birthday Gourmet Cookies

25) Hostess Birthday Cupcakes

26) Candy Bracelets

27) Otter Pops

28) Pirate’s Booty

29) Popcorn Balls

30) Fortune Cookies

31) Animal Crackers

Healthy Birthday Snacks for School

Individual popcorn cups for a classroom birthday snack for school.

Healthy snacks are a great option when it comes to classroom parties.

From my experience as a classroom teacher, I know there are more and more kids every year who are only allowed organic or dye-free snacks. By choosing one of these healthy alternatives, you can feel good knowing that you did your best to offer something without as much added sugar or other concerning ingredients.

There are plenty of healthy snack options the whole class will still enjoy.

31) Granola Bars

32) Individual Bags of Popcorn

33) Gogurt (even more fun if frozen)

34) Annie’s Reely Peely

35) Fresh Fruit Cups

36) Clif Bar Minis

37) Clif Kids Z Bars

38) Organic Fruit Snacks

39) Boom Chicka Pop

40) Go Go Squeeze Pouches

41) Bob Snail Fruit Rolls (these are adorable!)

Non-Food Birthday Treats for School Parties

A classroom set up for a birthday celebration.

One option that everyone is guaranteed to enjoy is a non-food gift item.

Choose one, or fill goodie bags with a few for a fun way to celebrate their big day.

41) Temporary Tattoos

42) Smencils

43) Self-Inking Stamps

44) Scented Erasers

45) Scratch-Off Bookmarks

46) Pop-It Keychains

47) Invisible Ink Pens

48) Slap Bracelets

49) Bubble Wands

50) Kaleidoscopes

There you have it, mama! A bunch of teacher-approved, individually wrapped snacks, and store-bought birthday treats to send to school on your child’s birthday.

Easy store bought birthday treats to take to school.

Easy Store-Bought Birthday Snacks for School


  1. Thanks for making this list. It’s 2023 and still relevant. We’re celebrating our sons birthday for the first time in preschool and I didn’t know what other parents do.

  2. Great list since all food has to be store bought to give out at school! Yes it’s all junk food…exactly what kids want! It’s for a birthday – who wants granola and raisins for a birthday treat!

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