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Super Easy No Bake Turkey Cookies

These insanely easy no-bake turkey cookies are the perfect Thanksgiving treat. Put them together in minutes with just a few ingredients and watch the smiles appear.

no bake turkey cookies

The Best No-Bake Oreo Turkey Cookies

Need a cute Thanksgiving treat that is quick and easy to make?

These adorable turkey cookies are the perfect thing!

I made them with my kiddos for a Thanksgiving themed family movie night, but they would also be perfect for a classroom party, potluck or even on Thanksgiving Day!

If you have young kiddos in the house or are looking for a fun activity to do with preschoolers you could make these cookies to go along with the Five Silly Turkeys book. 

The best part about these cookies is that there is no baking required!

They come together in just a few minutes with the store-bought ingredients that you can find at any grocery store.

How to Make Nutter Butter Turkey Cookies

For the first step, you are going to gather your supplies.

Ingredients for Nutter Butter Turkey Cookies. Nutter butters, oreos, candy corn, candy eyes and candy melts on a plate.

You’re gonna need the following:

Ok, that only took like 2 seconds and you’re ready to move on to the next step! See, I told you these were super easy.

Now, on to assembling the cookies!

The first step I like to do is to add the “tail feathers” (aka: candy corn) to the Oreos.

Remember how I mentioned above that you’re gonna want the Double Stuff Oreos? Well that’s because they give you enough room to shove the end of the candy corn in without breaking the cookie.

I tried this with “regular” Oreos first and they kept cracking when I tried to insert the candy corn.

oreo and candy corn

You can use the regular Oreos, but it’s pretty tricky and usually the cookies break. Save yourself the stress and just use the double stuff ones. I promise, it’s so much easier. 

Starting in the center place 5 candy corns in the Oreo to form the turkey tail. So cute already right?!?!?

oreo cookie with candy corn turkey feathes

Next, your gonna prep the turkey faces.

This is where you use the Nutter Butter cookies and the Candy Melts. I used chocolate Candy Melts, but you can really use any color. If you used red, you could add a little snood by the beak which would be super cute.

To make this part as mess free as possible, I warmed the candy melts in the microwave in a glass bowl, then spooned the melted chocolate into a plastic sandwich bag.

Now, use a pair of scissors to cut off the TINIEST piece of the corner. Trust me, you don’t want the hole to be very big. Just a little hole to pipe out the melted chocolate to “glue” on the candy eyeballs and the candy corn beak.

Place three dots of chocolate onto the cookies and then attach the items for the face.

Three nutter butter cookies on a white counter with melted chocolate eyes and a mouth.

The beaks are made by just using a sharp non-serrated knife to trim the yellow part off of the candy corn.

candy corn turkey cookie beaks

Then just stick the candy eyes and the beaks onto the melted chocolate.

Nutter butter Turkey Cookies with just the candy eyes and the candy corn beak attached with melted chocolate.


Can you believe it? We are already ready for the last step!

While your chocolate is still warm in the bag, pipe some more onto the center of the Oreo.

Melted chocolate on an Oreo that has candy corns in the frosting that will be attached to a nutter butter to make a turkey cookie.

Now you are going to attach the Nutter Butter face to the Oreo tail feathers and your adorable, no-bake turkey cookies are done!

Aren’t they SO CUTE!?!?!?

Thanksgiving turkey cookie made from nutter butter and oreo cookies

I swear they each have their own little personality.

easy no bake turkey cookies

One little bonus tip: Don’t melt all the chocolate at once. You only need a few table spoons to do a bunch of the cookies and it can cool off pretty quickly, then you’ll have to keep reheating. Instead, I prefer to just heat a bit at a time and make more if I need it.

No Bake Thanksgiving Cookies

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