Must Have Items for Stress Relief

Great self care ideas for stress relief | Natural remedies for anxiety | Must have items for stress relief | self care for moms |

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Stress Relief for Busy Moms

Being a mom is stressful. Even on the most fun and upbeat days the responsibilities, challenges and activities can be overwhelming. We are all becoming more aware of the signs of post-partum depression. However, there is another condition of motherhood that isn’t as well known.

Chronic stress is an anxiety condition created by re-occurring and ongoing stress. It’s more common than more extreme conditions but regularly ignored.  I have created this list of must have items for stress relief because busy moms need to feel happy and healthy to be their best.

I dealt with chronic stress after two difficult pregnancies followed by returning to working full-time and neglecting my own health and wellness. If you are brave enough to seek help, most doctors will be quick to prescribe an anti-depressant. For me, I knew that wasn’t the problem or the answer. There are many options for dealing with stress that are natural and deal with the cause, instead of just treating the symptoms.

Today, I wanted to share some of the steps I took to overcome chronic stress. These must have items for stress relief focus on natural products that help to restore and nourish your body so you can feel healthy, calm and relaxed.

 Relax Synergy, Essential Oil Blend

Great self care ideas for stress relief | Natural remedies for anxiety | Must have items for stress relief | self care for moms |

Relax Synergy Blend (affliliate link)

With the current popularity of essential oils, I think we can all agree they work. I have been using essential oils for over 20 years and I feel strongly that they are a wonderful alternative to the harmful medications created by the pharmaceutical industry. Personally, I recommend a brand of essential oils called Plant Therapy. They are high quality and affordable – and available through Amazon Prime!

The Relax Synergy Blend by Plant Therapy was created to help you take relaxation to the next level by helping you obtain a state of mind that is calming and to feel at ease. It uses Lavender, Marjoram, Mandarin, Geranium, and Roman Chamomile. Together these remarkable oils have incredible therapeutic properties that have an aroma that is calming and soothing.

The Real Liquid Xanax

Great self care ideas for stress relief | Natural remedies for anxiety | Must have items for stress relief | self care for moms |

Calm-gen Herbal Supplement (affiliate link)

CalmGen is a homeopathic compound that was created to help alleviate the feelings of stress and overwhelm. The product was given to me by a Naturopathic Physician for treatment of occasional anxiety. Recently, I have been experiencing stronger mood changes related to PMS and it has been wonderful to help maintain a feeling of calm and relaxation – which my husband and kids really appreciate 😉

The homeopathic blend includes three botanical ingredients. Sliver Linden bud extract‚ which is used as a way to reduce your bodies stress responses. Fig which is traditionally used to help you feel better mentally. And Hawthorn bud extract‚ which can normalize heart rate.

How to Use Calm-gen

To use, you place 10 drops of the slightly sweet and herbal liquid under your tongue. Within a few minutes I usually feel a bit more relaxed and calm. Unlike prescription medications that have tons of scary side effects you don’t need to use this every day, but you could if you needed to.  I will use my Calm-gen when I start to notice my typically calm demeanor is effected by PMS or overly stressful days. This is my favorite product on the list of must have items for stress relief.

Natural Calm

Did you know that the symptoms of magnesium deficiency mimic the symptoms of anxiety? The typical American diet does not provide us with adequate amounts of this essential nutrient. On top of that many of us would describe our lives as stressful.

Stress increases cortisol levels in our bodies and cortisol depletes magnesium.  Hyperreflexia is a condition that is caused by a magnesium deficiency. It’s basically a constant state of hypersensitivity and an overly reactive reflex response. So, if you ever feel like you are annoyed by everything and people tell you that you are over-reacting – a magnesium deficiency could be to blame.

Natural Calm is an easy way to increase your magnesium intake. To use, simply mix the pleasant tasting powder into water and drink. The product has amazing reviews on Amazon and comes in a variety of flavors.

Stress Relief Tea

Create a self care routine that includes a beautiful mug and warm cup of tea. Just holding a warm mug with instantly drops my stress level a few notches. Increase that sense of relaxation even more with Honey Lavender Stress Relief Tea. It’s a super yummy blend of Lavender, Chamomile and Lemon Balm  that helps your body to relax and promotes a sense of calm.

Great self care ideas for stress relief | Natural remedies for anxiety | Must have items for stress relief | self care for moms | simply-well-balanced.comAmp Up your Self Care Routine

So, if your stress level is such that a cup of tea is not going to be enough to cut through your feelings of anxiety you may need something more extensive. As a busy mom, I know that finding time for myself is always a challenge. However, the reality is that if we don’t take care of ourselves we end up unhealthy, stressed out and not very much fun to be with. If you are ready to focus on self care then you might want to incorporate a weekly relaxation hour. This calls for a handful of must have items for stress relief. Light a stress relief candle, play some relaxing nature sounds on YouTube, and hop in a warm bath with followed by a moisturizing lavender body oil.

Give Your Brain a Break

Many moms have trouble turning off their brains. In fact, I recently read an article on the invisible “mental load” that mothers take on that contributes to our stress. Meditation is a great way to allow yourself a few moments to breathe and let go of the worrying, planning and remembering that is part of motherhood. As a yoga instructor I have taught meditation, but you don’t have to go to a class. My absolute favorite beginning meditation app is called Smiling Mind It’s free and super easy to use. They have different guided programs for a variety of age groups from kids through adults. My little girl loves to listen the “The Bubble Journey” meditation on nights that she has trouble sleeping.

“Smiling Mind aims to build happier, healthier and more compassionate people. Our mindfulness meditation programs are designed to assist people in dealing with the pressure, stress and challenges of daily life.”

Must Have Items for Stress Relief

There you have it! Our list of must have stress relief items for busy moms.

We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite way to prevent mom stress?

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    1. Hi Kaitlyn, I am so glad you found this post at the right time! You are right, these items aren’t just for moms…they could be for anyone dealing with stress or anxiety. In fact you might have noticed that I mentioned that my children use a few of them too.

  1. I agree as women, our life is full of stress. I’ve just started using Essential Oils, and I must say I’m enjoying them. Thanks for sharing these great tips on Sunday’s Best.

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