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100 Mother Son Date Ideas: Fun Activities You’ll Both Love

Use these Mother Son Date Ideas to inspire your next night out with your son! Whether you enjoy indoor or outdoor activities, are on a budget, or just want some fun at home, there are plenty of ideas here!

Mother with son hiking through the forest with text overlay - 100 Awesome Mother and Son Date Night Ideas.

Spending one-on-one time with your kids is so important. Mommy-Daughter time is a tradition, and Father-Son time is important, but Mother-Son bonding is super valuable too.

When we spend time with our kids one-on-one, we can reconnect and establish a deep bond with them.

Individual time also helps our kids feel valued and important. 

In addition to Mother Son Date Nights being beneficial to their development, it can also be so much fun! Enjoying your time together is a big part of these activities, and will be the difference between passing the time and making memories neither of you will forget!

Every kid and relationship is different, so go through this list of activities to find some ideas that will work for you!

Mother Son Date Night Ideas | Mom teaching son to play the guitar

Stay At Home Activities for Moms and Sons

Mother and son baking together at home | At home date night ideas for moms and sons

Spending quality time with your son doesn’t mean you have to leave the house. There are plenty of great activities you and our son can enjoy right at home! Check out this list of fun ways to spend time with your son at home.

1. Watch A Movie At Home

What kid doesn’t love a good movie?! Pop a big bag of popcorn, grab some cheap theater candy from your local grocery store and put on a classic!

2. Play Board Games

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of playing board games with my family. Bust out some classics like Monopoly, Sorry, or Life for your special time together.

3. Build with Legos

Go out and buy a lego set to put together with your little guy! Legos are tons of fun and you’ll both get a great sense of accomplishment once you’ve finished.

4. Do A Puzzle

Puzzles are a great way to bond with your son, and it’s great for all age ranges. Whether it’s a 100 piece or 1000+ piece puzzle, you’re sure to have a blast putting it together.

5. Cook Dinner Together

A mother-son date idea doesn’t always have to be something extravagant. Cooking together is a great way to spend time with your son while going about your daily life.

6. Have a Nerf Gun War

Dig out those nerf guns from their toy bins, go buy some extra ammo, and have an all out nerf war!

7. Build A Fort

I can’t count the number of times my little ones have begged me to build a fort. Grab your chairs, pillows, and couch cushions and build away!

8. Plant Something

Go buy a plant from a local nursery and find out which one of you has a green thumb.

9. Bake a Treat

What little boy doesn’t enjoy playing with dough? Whether it’s cookies, brownies or cake, they’re sure to love mixing, pouring and baking with you.

10. Video Games Binge Session

Dust off some classics like Mario or Sonic to play with your kids, and then let them teach you how to play Minecraft.

11. At-Home Photo Booth

Grab some props and silly sunglasses from your local dollar store and have some fun taking silly pictures together! You can even use some cardboard to create a background or frame for the pictures.

12. Sidewalk Chalk Mosaic

This little at-home art project is so easy to do but so much fun. Your son is sure to have an amazing time turning your sidewalk into a piece of art.

13. Do A Science Experiment

Nothing beats a good science experiment! Check out some of these science shows on youtube for inspiration!

14. Workout / Do Yoga Together

Grab some weights or a yoga mat and get active! Teach your little boy some great exercise and stretches to bond with them while helping keep them fit.

15. Play Dress Up

Grab some costumes from the Halloween clearance aisle or grab some fun clothes from a local thrift store. Take some pictures and make some great memories all the while.

16. Celebrate a Holiday

No matter what holiday is coming up, whether it be Thanksgiving, Halloween or Independence Day, there’s always something fun and seasonal to do with your son.

17. Stay Up Late And Watch TV Together

Sometimes the best bonding time is just letting your little one stay up late and watch some family friendly TV with you.

18. Take a Class Together

Get online or head out in-person and learn something new! Learn a new hobby, look up some local plants or creatures, or research something your son is passionate about!

19. Teach Them To Cook Their Favorite Foods

Does your son have a favorite dish? Go buy the ingredients and teach them how to prepare it!

20. Play Card Games

Card games are a great way to bond with your son. Find some playing cards for some war or grab a fun card game like Phase 10 or Uno.

21. Living Room Sleepover

Use some blankets and extra pillows and have a sleepover in the living room. You can even make a make-shift tent with some chairs and a blanket.

Fun Mother and Son Outdoor Activities

Mother Son Date Idea | Mother and son building a campfire as they set up camp.

There are so many great options for mother son date ideas that you can do in the great outdoors! Get active and healthy by choosing one of these fantastic outdoor activities for your next mother-son bonding session!

22. Plan a Picnic

Throw together some sandwiches, grab your softest blanket and go have a picnic in your backyard or a local park!

23. Mini Golfing

Mini golfing is such a fun way to hang out with your son! Just have a fun time putting or keep score and have a little competition.

24. Water Gun Fight

Throw on your swimsuits, fill up your water guns and see who has better aim in an all out water gun fight! Get them active while staying cool!

25. Fly a Kite

Kite flying is perfect for a windy day! Make your kites do aerial tricks or just relax in some lawn chairs and watch them fly in the air.

26. Ride Bikes

Pump up those tires and go for a bike ride through your neighborhood! Maybe even teach them how to pop a wheelie if you’re adventurous enough.

27. Go Hiking

Go to a local trail or park and go for a hike! Pack a bag with their favorite snacks for when they need a refuel mid-hike.

28. Play Pokemon Go Together

Pokemon Go isn’t just for kids! Go out into the great outdoors and chase down all your favorite pokemon together!

29. Camping

Get your tent, sleeping bags and cooler together and go camping! The great thing about camping is that you can go out and do it just about anywhere, including your backyard.

30. Star Gazing

Pull up a sky map online or download a stargazing app and learn about other stars, planets and constellations.

31. Scavenger Hunt

Print off a scavenger hunt list or make your own and go check off your list together around your neighborhood or local park!

32. Try Rock Climbing

Find a local rock climbing gym and help your son climb to the top! It’s great exercise and tons of fun to do together.

33. Go Swimming

Whether it’s at a local pool, lake, beach or even your backyard pool, swimming is a great activity to do with your son.

34. Horseback Riding

Go online and find a local horse stable and learn to ride a horse together! Teach them the basics or take them out for a horseback ride on a trail..

35. Check Out a Local Park / Obstacle Course

Local parks are full of great outdoor activities you can enjoy together. You’re sure to find some slides, swings, walking paths and maybe even a disc golf course to enjoy together.

36. Play Catch

Hey, playing catch isn’t just for dads! Grab a baseball, football or frisbee and have them go long!

37. Water Balloon Fight

Go buy a big pack of water balloons from your local store or order a pack from Amazon and get ready to have a splash!

38. Play In The Rain

Raining outside and unsure of what to do? As long as it’s not a storm, go ahead and go jumping in puddles with them!

39. Take Nature Pictures Together

Grab a camera or old smartphone, go out into nature and take pictures of whatever catches your eye! Take pictures of birds, plants and animals and go home to find out what they are.

40. Find A Local Butterfly House

Butterfly houses are so fun to explore with your son. See if you can find a list of local butterflies before you go!

41. Go Canoeing or Kayaking

Go to a local stream or river and rent a canoe! Pack a lunch and make a whole day trip out of it.

42. Visit a State Park

State parks are full of wonderful things to explore and learn about. It’s a great way to teach your son about the local ecosystem.

43. Head to a Driving Range

The great thing about a driving range is that you don’t have to be good at golf in order to have fun. Just swing away and have a blast seeing who can hit it the farthest.

44. Go Fishing

Grab a couple of fishing poles, go to the local fishing hole and see who can catch the biggest fish. Some of the best conversations are had while waiting for a fish to bite.

45. Bird Watching

Get a pair or two of binoculars and go bird watching! Take a notebook, write down what you find and share with each other at the end of the day.

46. Teach Them To Skip Rocks

Take a bucket down to the local pond or lake, collect a bunch of smooth stones and teach your son how to skip rocks! Then see who can get the most skips in a single throw.

47. Feed Ducks At A Local Pond

Go down to the pond and feed the ducks! Make sure that it’s allowed at your local park before you do so, though!

48. Catch Bugs

Buy some nets and bug cages from the local dollar store and go find some creepy crawlers with your son!

49. Build a Bonfire

Go down to a local campsite or build a campfire in your own backyard! Who doesn’t love a good s,more or hotdog?

Traditional Mother and Son Date Night Ideas

Mother and son at the movies

No need to overthink it! There are plenty of great traditional date ideas that are perfect for mother-son date nights!

  • Catch a Movie – Look up some local showtimes and go see a good movie! Don’t hold back! Go ahead and buy the popcorn, candy and soda!
  • Bowling – Bowling is great for all age ranges! Most bowling alleys even have bumpers they can set up for your little ones so they don’t get frustrated by gutter balls.
  • Laser Tag – Find a local laser tag facility and see who can get the most points! Trust me, your son will think you’re the fun mom after a few rounds of laser tag.
  • Ice Cream / Frozen Yogurt – Take them out for some ice cream at a local shop and let them go to town on toppings. Just make sure you don’t eat too quickly and give yourself a brain freeze!
  • Arcade – Take them to a local arcade and play some games together. There are lots of arcades out there where you can pay a small fee and get to play games all day!
  • Brunch – There’s no better way to start a lazy day with your son than with some brunch! Who doesn’t love breakfast food for lunch?
  • Go Out For Dinner At Their Favorite Restaurant – Take them out to their favorite restaurant and let them eat something special for dinner! Ask them what their favorite foods are and learn more about your little one.
  • Ride Go Karts – If you’re the competitive type like I am, you’re sure to love racing go karts! And if your son isn’t old enough to drive their own, have them be your copilot while you race them around the track.
  • Go Out For Coffee / Hot Cocoa – Take the older kids out for some coffee, or just get your younger son some hot cocoa at your favorite coffee shop. Some of the best conversations are had over coffee.
  • Cruise The Local Mall – Go down to your local mall and go window shopping! It’s a fantastic way to learn about their likes while finding out what to buy them for their next birthday.
  • Watch a Drive-in Movie – If your son hasn’t had the drive-in movie experience yet, now’s your chance! Many have re-opened recently, so check to see if there is one in your area.
  • Ice Skating – Go down to a ice skating rink and teach them to ice skate!
  • Roller Blading – Not a fan of the ice? No worries! Find a roller rink and strap on some skates!
  • Batting Cages – Batting cages are a great way to bond while keeping them active!
  • Escape Room – Put your heads together and find your way out of an escape room! They’re a great way to practice problem solving skills together.

Arts and Crafts

Mother and son painting together | Date night ideas for moms and sons

Get crafty with your son while getting to know them better! There are tons of great projects you can do at home, or you could go find some great art classes in your area.

  • Take A Pottery Class – Pottery is such a fun way to hang out with your son! Make your own pottery and paint it too.
  • Craft Something – Look up a neat craft online and make it together! There are so many great ideas for crafts out there that you’re sure to find something that you love.
  • Make Tie Dye Shirts – Tie up some shirts and cover them in color! It’s so fun to see what unique designs you come out with.
  • Paint Together – Grab an easel, some paints and a canvas and paint whatever comes to mind! This idea doesn’t take much time to set up!
  • Build A Project Together – Go down to Home Depot or Lowes and buy some supplies or grab a kit to build something at home!

Big-Deal Mother-Son Date Night Activities

Mother and son riding a roller coaster

Take your son on a special date to somewhere extravagant! These ideas typically involve more planning and cost a bit more, but they truly are some of the most fun ways to spend as a boy mom!

  • Sporting Event – Cheer on your son’s favorite team with him! They’ll love seeing their favorite sports stars in person.
  • Visit a Water Park – Race your son down some water slides at a water park!
  • Go To a Theme Park – Theme parks are the perfect way to spend time with your son! Who doesn’t love rollercoasters and funnel cake?
  • Watch a Play – Teach your son about theatre and acting by taking them to a play or musical!
  • Get Your Jump On at a Trampoline Park – Is your son super energetic? Help them get their wiggles out by taking them to a trampoline park!

Explore Your Area

Mother and son date night - shopping at an outdoor market.

Mother son dates don’t have to be something extravagant and far away. There’s plenty of amazing date ideas you can enjoy right in your local area!

  • Check out the Zoo – Go to your local zoo and teach them about wildlife, local and exotic!
  • Science Museum – Science museums are perfect for boys! They’re full of great hands-on activities and learning opportunities.
  • History Museum – Learn about local history by going to a history museum! They’ll love learning about their area with you.
  • Art Museum – Take them to a local art museum then have them draw what they saw when they get home.
  • Go To An Aquarium – Learn about what lurks underneath at an aquarium. Sea life is so fun to learn about!
  • Take Them To A Local Toy Store – Let them browse the store and pick out a toy when they’re done! It’s also a great place to get ideas for Santa.
  • Volunteer Locally – Volunteering is a great activity for older kids to do! Bond with your son while serving your community.
  • Go To a Convention (Comic / Renaissance / Etc) – Go to a local convention! Check out a local renaissance festival or comic convention together.
  • Visit a Local Farm / Petting Zoo – Go down to a farm together and learn about the animals and crops!
  • Find a Local Fair or Festival – Find a local fair or festival and go explore it with your son for a day you won’t soon forget.
  • Take A Train Ride – Look up a local train and go for a train ride. There are lots of fun historical train rides you can go on.
  • Find a Nature Center – Learn about your local environment by exploring a nature center together!
  • Go Pick Some Fruit Or Veggies – Lots of local farms and orchards will let you pick your own fruit or vegetables for a small fee.
  • Check Out a Local Comic Book Store Together – Comic book stores are full of all their favorite heroes, and a lot of them have unique snacks and drinks you can buy for back at home!
  • Browse A Local Electronics Store – Have a tech fanatic for a son? Take them to an electronics store and let them explore!
  • Explore The World Via VR – Nowadays you can explore the world via virtual reality! No need to buy your own headset as there are tons of places out there where you can enjoy them for a small fee.
  • Shop a Local Farmers Market – Get some local baked goods and produce at the local farmers market together.
  • Take a Scenic Drive – Go on a road trip to nowhere in particular and enjoy the drive while learning more about each other.
  • Explore Your Local Downtown – Local downtown areas are full of amazing shops, restaurants and unique stores you can discover together!

Budget-Friendly Mother-Son Ideas

A mom and her son dressed casually and going for a walk in the park to spend 1 on 1 time together.

Looking for some fun mother son date ideas that don’t break the bank? Check out this list of thriftier ideas!

  • Check Out Some Garage Sales– Take one of your favorite things to do and turn it into a great way to hang out with your son! See what great hidden treasure you can find together.
  • Thrift Store Shopping – Find all sorts of fun things for cheap at a local thrift store!
  • Library – Take them to a local library, get a library card and let them pick out some books with you.
  • Visit the Local Used Bookstore – Bookstores are a great way to hang out with your son while learning about their interests. Let them get a book or two for enjoyment at home!
  • Used Movie Store – Now that Blockbuster is out of business, the next best thing is to take them to a used movie store and let them pick out some movies and games.
  • Dollar Menu Date Night – Take them to their favorite fast food restaurant and dollar menu it! Let them go to town and get a bunch of food to enjoy together.
  • Visit A Pet Store – We jokingly call the local pet store the “free zoo”. Get to watch and pet animals for the low cost of free!


Spending time with your son, just you and him, doesn’t have to be boring or difficult! There are so many different ways to make memories together.

Use this list of 100 Mother Son Date Ideas to give you some ideas for your next night out with your little one! Make your time together tailored to you both and have fun you both won’t easily forget.

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