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Healthy Living Inspiration
What’s standing in the way of a healthier life for you and your family?

Is it…

  • Having a Walmart budget when you’d like to shop at Whole Foods?
  • Feeling overwhelming by all the changes you’ll need to make?
  • Wondering how to fit all the healthy tasks into your day (when you’re barely squeezing in the basics as it is)?

Believe me, we understand where you are coming from…

For years we lived an average American life. We were in debt, stressed out, and unhealthy. One day we woke up and realized that this lifestyle had consumed our time, energy and money for over a decade! We couldn’t believe that ten years had gone by and we weren’t living the life that we wanted. What we needed was some healthy living inspiration….but it hadn’t been our focus.

We had been too busy keeping up with the Jones’, working ourselves to death and shoving our faces full of unhealthy foods.

Fast forward a few years and we are happier and healthier than we have ever been. Heck – we even have a blog to help others achieve the same results!

Remember those previous 10 years of our lives we wasted? How were we wasting them?

  • Spending family meals time in the drive-thru (ugh!)
  • Feeling rushed, disorganized, and tired. All the time.
  • Allowing money to be spent without a long term financial plan.

Do any of those sound familiar?

Making serious changes to our health and overall lifestyle was difficult, but I have something to make it easier for you.

Healthy Living Doesn’t Have to be Hard

For example, what if you could…

  • Get your finances in order with a simple to follow budget.
  • Set fitness goals and reach them
  • Spend more quality timem with your family

Lucky for you our Whole Life Wellness Challenge is currently available for free!

For this challenge we have created a custom printable calendar which will walk you through 28 days of activities. Each week will have a different focus….you guessed it…they are Family, Fitness, Finance and Food! The 28 activities are all things that we have discovered along our journey. They have had a huge impact on our over-all quality of life. We want to share these strategies with you so that you can implement them and quickly begin to see and feel the difference in your life.


Week 1 is all about FAMILY. Big or small, traditional or modern, a family is defined by relationships and unconditional support. Each day we will give you an idea for an activity that is focused on developing communication and strengthening the bonds between the people whom you are closest to.

Week 2 is FITNESS focused. There is a very popular saying that goes “Without your health, you have nothing”.   Fitness is really about health and it is essential to regulate mental, physical and emotional wellness. Taking care of our bodies is our key to a long and joy filled life so each day we will give you a step to take toward a new fitness goal of your choosing. These steps will kick-start healthy habits which can last a lifetime.

Week 3 is when we take a look at FINANCE. For some of you this could be your “come to Jesus” moment because so many people struggle with this area. We were there a few years ago too, which is why the tips included in this week show you how we got started and ended up paying off almost $50,000 worth of debt. No matter your income (or debt) these strategies will get you started on a path to financial freedom.

Week 4 is FOOD week! One of our mantras is that “food should be enjoyed AND nourish our bodies”. This week is not about dieting – it is about making smart choices, balance, and simplifying. This week we are all about helping you create healthy habits – not more restrictions. Doesn’t that sound great!?!?


“The 28 Day Whole-Life Wellness Challenge is such a great way to recharge your life!  Every single day there is a different idea whether it’s family, finance, fitness, or food related and I love how you get to focus on one of the four topics for the entire week before switching!  What’s so awesome about this challenge is that the ideas are original and unique and there’s something to please everyone.  As a personal trainer myself, and married to a financial planner, we can both agree these tips are a great start to improving your life! You’re sure to see  positive changes!” Kathleen from Just Keep it Simple Fitness

“I absolutely loved your 28 day wellness challenge! It was well-presented, very colorful, and organized. What a neat idea for encouraging my family to spend time together and get fit, with daily goals and reminders. I would love to have a plan like this every month to encourage a healthy life:  losing weight, strengthening family bonds, and improving diets and health. ” Makenzie from Just My Unscripted Life 

“Well, personally I wish I had someone like you to be around when we were in our 10th year. You see we are at our 25th as of last week. Our kids are young adults and pretty much out of the house. We live in a rental property because we lost our house about 5 years ago due to bad decisions.  I am at the empty nest stage and have a lot more time on my hands; so I want to concentrate on health and fitness. Thanks for the challenge.”  Shani Dee


Improve your life with our 4 week wellness challenge | Self Improvement | Family Challenge | Fitness Challenge | Simply-Well-Balanced | Wellness Challenge

Your FREE printable 28 Day Whole-Life Wellness Challenge also includes links to resources to help you be successful along the way. For each week there is an inspirational quote to keep you motivated and focused.

It’s time to Be BRING the change you want to see in the world with the 28 Day Whole-Life Wellness Challenge. After just 4 weeks focused on Family, Fitness, Finance and Food you will notice a huge difference. Why wait? Click HERE to get started today.

We would love to hear from you! Which area of your life needs the most help- family, fitness, finance or food? Please comment below!



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