Healthy Coffee Recipes

Healthy coffee recipes for busy moms | healthy pumpkin spice latte | bulletproof coffee | paleo coffee | skinny latte |

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Healthy Coffee Recipes for Busy Moms

I never drank coffee until I met my husband. During high school and college I worked at a handful of coffee shops, but I just never got into the habit of drinking coffee. Then, I became a mom….a working mom. That means that I need to wake up and get an entire household ready, organized and out the door by 7:15 in the morning. That warm cup in my hand as I head out the door has become a ritual. A ritual that I enjoy but due to health reasons, felt guilty about. That is why I am sharing a handful of healthy coffee recipes that will feed your soul and fuel your body for the busy day ahead.

Two challenges that I have faced with coffee are caffeine and sugar. Shortly before the birth of my first child I began suffering from anxiety. Later on I was plagued with insomnia. Obviously, anyone dealing with anxiety and insomnia should not be consuming caffeine. Having been previously diagnosed as pre-diabetic I am also careful with my sugar intake, but let’s face it – sugar makes coffee taste so good!

I am all about balance so I knew that there had to be a way to “have my coffee and drink it too”. Here is what I look for in a healthy coffee recipe:

  • Obviously, it has to taste great.
  • Takes just a few minutes to make.
  • Includes ingredients that provide additional nourishment beyond a typical cup of coffee.

DIY Coffee is the way to go

Simply making your coffee at home makes it healthier than ordering something through a drive through. You get to control the type of coffee, milk and sweetener. Depending on what you choose this could greatly increase the nutritional value of your morning cup of joe right from the start.

Many of the recipes below also include additional ingredients like healthy fats, antioxidants and natural sweeteners that kick booty over anything a barista in a green apron is going to hand you through a window.

One more thing before we get started with the recipes. Many of them suggest using a blender. I don’t know about you, but I am not interested in getting my blender out in the morning or washing it when I am done. I always use a handheld blender instead. It takes up less space, is easy to clean by rinsing under running water, and creates delicious frothy coffee drinks.

Now, on to the healthy coffee recipes!

Healthy Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte

Healthy coffee recipes for busy moms | healthy pumpkin spice latte | bulletproof coffee | paleo coffee | skinny latte |

Let’s face it, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are the hallmark of fall. Unfortunately, they are packed with sugar and are the adult equivalent to eating a pop tart in the morning. Not good, people. This recipe skips the sugar rush and adds in real pumpkin puree. I like to pre-mix the pumpkin puree, vanilla, maple syrup and pumpkin spice and store it in a glass jar in the fridge. This cuts down on a few steps and I am all about saving time in the morning.

Recipe found at Eating Bird Food

Almond Milk Chai Latte

I have a serious obsession with chai. Its smooth, spicy flavors conjure dreams of fuzzy blankets, rainy days and Netflix.

The short cut of using chai tea bags is brilliant because it is so much cheaper and insanely faster than making your own chai blend. If you look at the recipe you will notice that it doesn’t include coffee, it’s tea based. You can simply add a teaspoon of instant coffee and BAM – healthy coffee recipe upgrade!

Recipe found at The Foodie Teen

Healthy Cup of Coffee

This was the first healthy coffee recipe I ever tried and it completely changed my world. Knowing that you are drinking coffee with “a superfood boost” is enough to put a pep in anyone’s step! Made creamy, frothy and delicious with the addition of coconut oil, gelatin, and raw honey you are sure to fall in love with this cup of goodness. She actually makes her own almond milk, but that’s a bit more than I am willing to take on. I just buy almond milk from the grocery store and call it good!

Recipe found at Kula Mama

Gut Healing Cinnamon Coconut Latte

Healthy coffee recipes for busy moms | healthy pumpkin spice latte | bulletproof coffee | paleo coffee | skinny latte |

This recipe results in a creamy and frothy cup of deliciousness. It is a take on Bulletproof® coffee which includes healthy fats from coconut oil and grass-fed butter. The fats provide instant energy your body and brain can use, promote blood sugar stability and they will help to slow down the absorption of caffeine (if choosing regular coffee, I use decaf). My favorite part of this recipe is the inclusion of collagen peptides. You will see them in a couple of the coffee recipes today. They are the perfect way to add protein and amino acids without the hallmark taste of protein powder.

Recipe found at The Real Food Dieticians

Easy Trim Healthy Mama Iced Coffee

This recipe is amazing because it only uses 4 ingredients. Pre-made iced coffee from the grocery store, truvia, half and half and Great Lakes Collagen Hydrolysate. Once you have the collagen in your pantry this healthy coffee recipe can be whipped up in minutes. You can make this drink in a blender or shake it up in a mason jar, but I recommend using a hand held blender. You can use it to blend your drink right in your cup (use a large one).

Recipe found at Margeaux Vittoria

Wake Me Up Coffee Smoothie

Healthy coffee recipes for busy moms | healthy pumpkin spice latte | bulletproof coffee | paleo coffee | skinny latte |

A smoothie that is packed with whole grains, fruit and coffee? Yes, please! This recipe takes 5 minutes to make, taste great and leaves you feeling full until lunchtime. Again, I would recommend using the hand held blender to avoid needing use and wash a full-size blender in the morning. You can also use PB2 instead of traditional peanut butter. I happen to really like chocolate in my coffee so the chocolate PB2 would be a great addition to this coffee , oat and banana based smoothie.

Recipe found at Live Eat Learn

Pumpkin Spice Hot Buttered Coffee

Yes, I know that I already included a pumpkin spice latte recipe. Can you ever have too many? This recipe suggests using butter or ghee which I think is a wonderful idea. Ghee is basically clarified butter, meaning that the milk solids have been removed. A fantastic idea if you are sensitive to dairy.

Recipe found at Healthy Living How To

So, there you have it mama! 7 Healthy Coffee Recipes to kick start your day without all the guilt and sugar. We would love to hear from you! What are your favorite healthy coffee recipes?

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  1. I can’t wait to try that pumpkin spice coffee it sounds so good 🙂 And I love starting my day with a green smoothie but girl has to switch it up sometimes or it gets boring! I’m adding these ingredients to my shopping list now!

    1. Hi Michaela,
      I agree. I am definitely a creature of habit when it comes to my morning routine too! I have discovered that a change in seasons is the perfect time for me to switch up a lot of my meals/eating habits. I simply modify my grocery shopping list to make sure I have the ingredients on hand for the next 3-4 months and then I will switch it up again in December or January…probably something including peppermint.

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