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40 Father-Daughter Date Ideas for Tweens and Teens

Use these father-daughter date activities to spend quality time with your not-so-little girl! Whether you enjoy being active or finding ways to learn new skills together, there are plenty of daddy-daughter dates listed below! 

Father daughter date activities.

Just yesterday, she was your little girl, but in the blink of an eye, she’s grown up.

Now she’s a young lady, but you want to make sure you take the time to keep your father-daughter connection strong.

Planning to spend time together is a great way to enjoy new things and make memories. It’s moments like these that she will remember for the rest of her life. 

Plus, studies show that a strong father-daughter bond is important for a teen’s emotional development, and can even influence her future relationships.

But the most important thing is that you’ll establish a special bond perfect for a fantastic father-daughter relationship. 

Daddy-daughter dates can create a special time to an already chaotic day that makes everyone slow down and enjoy one another and appreciate the simple things. 

If you have a teenage daughter in high school, one-on-one time is a great idea! This can be an easy way to stay connected throughout those turbulent teen years. 

The great ideas listed below are perfect for younger tween daughters and teenage girls too. While most of them would work for any age, I created this list with girls aged 10 through 17 in mind.

Whether you have a 12-year-old or she’s almost an adult, all are excellent opportunities for a lot of fun! 

Father and tween daughter on a daddy-daughter date wearing matching sunglasses.

Daddy-Daughter Date Ideas

These father-daughter activities prove that you can have a good time and good conversation with just a couple of hours of bonding.

1) Go out for ice cream 

Teen girls can’t deny their love of ice cream! See how many flavors you can enjoy together. 

2) Take a walk in a local park 

Father and teenager daughter doing an outdoor activity.

Getting some fresh air can be so much fun. It’s the perfect way to take in nature and the views.

3) Go for a bike ride 

Riding bikes together can be a great time and a fun way to add some exercise to the day as well. 

4) Play board games

Father-daughter dates that involve board games mean that there will be some friendly competition happening! 

5) Have a movie date  

Choose movies that stick to your family values, and don’t forget the snacks. 

6) Attend a sporting event 

Watching a good sport together is a fun way to root for the same team or go head-to-head opposite. 

7) Have a picnic in the living room 

Any teen daughter would love a picnic right at home! 

8) Play video games 

Daddy teenage daughter playing video games.

Playing games together online or with a gaming system is a great way to spend free time together. 

9) Volunteer at the animal shelter 

Spending time together snuggling animals seems like the perfect way to bond. 

10) Have a tea party 

Be a loving father, and let her serve you an epic tea party! 

11) Watch a play or live theater 

Not only are plays great to watch, but they can also be educational, too.

12) Go to a concert featuring her favorite band 

Get those tickets and be ready to open your ears to some fun tunes!

13) Set a lunch date 

Go to lunch together at her favorite spot. Don’t forget dessert!

14) Cook the family meal together 

Dad and daughter barbecuing together.

Cooking together in the kitchen is such a perfect bonding time. 

15) Take your little princess to the mall 

You can do a shopping spree or go window shopping. Either are great! 

16) Watch a Sunday night football game together 

Make sure you each pick a different team so you can have fun rooting (nicely) against one another. 

17) Play silly games 

Father and daughter playing basketball together for a daddy daughter date.

Go outside and just run around and be silly. Or get some Nerf guns and have fun. 

18) Have a spa day

There’s nothing wrong with this great daddy daughter date idea. You’ll even score some bonus points. 

19) Share some life skills 

Father teaching daughter to drive on a daddy-daughter date.

Teach her how drive, check the oil or change a flat tire! She’ll thank you for that later in life! 

20) Work out together 

Hit up the local gym and burn off some calories together. It’s always fun to have a workout partner. 

21) Bake a cake 

Father and teen daughter cooking together.

Don’t forget the sprinkles and frosting! 

22) Rent a jeep and go for a ride 

This is really cool if you live in a warm climate and you can put the top down.

23) Go to the local boutiques and window shop 

Small boutiques are always full of great fashion! 

24) Let her give you a makeup tutorial

Dad and daughter doing a spa day, putting on makeup and wearing princess crowns.

Smile pretty, and let her doll you up! 

25) Go thrifting 

Thrifting is the newest must-do in the teen world! 

26) Take her to her favorite restaurant 

Let her pick, and you pay. Simple as that. 

27) Go swimming

 Everyone loves spending some time in the pool.

28) Sit outside and enjoy s’mores under the stars 

No one ever gets too old to enjoy s’mores. 

29) Go camping 

Dad and teen daughter on a hike.

Take a tent and head to the local camping spot near town. Don’t forget the bug spray!

30) Plan a road trip 

See where you can visit close and then hop in the car and go. 

31) Binge on a TV series together 

There are so many family-friendly options on Netflix to watch together. 

32) Go on a photo scavenger hunt

Dad and tween daughter hanging out together.

 Have her take her phone, and see if you can find the places where some of her photos were taken. She may have a heads up and remember, but the search will be on for you. 

33) Have a taste test of desserts

Line up those desserts and see which ones make the cut.

34) Eat snacks all-day 

Head to the store and pile the cart full of sweet snacks. Head home, and just chill together. 

35) Watch her favorite movies

Father and daughter doing a movie marathon and eating popcorn.

We all have that one movie that we love. Let her show you what hers is. 

36) Go rollerblading 

Show your skills and go for a spin.

37) Go horseback riding 

This is a great way to get out of the house and try something new and exciting. 

38) Take a hot air balloon ride

 Ready for a thrill? Pick a beautiful day and book a ride!

39) Go dancing 

Father and teen daughter dancing together.

 You can even enroll for dance lessons, so you’ll have this weekly date! 

40) Go to the grocery store and buy the ingredients for dinner 

Sometimes, cooking at home for the two of you is all you really need to do. 

Father Teenage Daughter Activities Ideas: Conclusion

As you can see, there is no shortage of fun ways to hang out with your teen! With 40 different activities and ideas, this could easily be a simple way to plan out a fun activity weekly and almost have the entire year planned out! 

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