Simple Pre-Workout Meal Ideas

A simple guide to what and when to eat pre-workout | simple pre-workout meal ideas | pre-workout snacks | pre-workout recipes |

Simple Pre-Workout Meal Ideas Food = fuel for your workout. Eating too little or not at all before a workout will likely lead to quick fatigue and weakness due to low blood glucose. On the … Read More

Pregnancy Exercises to Avoid C-Section

The best pregnancy exercises to avoid needing a c-section due to breech presentation | Pregnancy Workouts | Prenatal Yoga | Turn Breech baby|

The Best Pregnancy Exercises As a little girl I never planned out the details of my wedding or dreamt of my Prince Charming. However, I did always want to deliver a baby naturally. Super strange … Read More

High Protein Plant Based Recipes

Recipes for plant based proteins |plant based diet | high protein plants | high protein vegan recipes | high protein vegetarian recipes| plant based protein

Sources of Plant Based Protein When you think of high protein foods usually you think of meat, cheese, or eggs. These are all animal sources of protein. However, there is a lot of current research … Read More

Yoga for Weight Loss

7 simple reasons yoga is excellent for losing weight | yoga for weight loss | yoga poses for weight loss | yoga for weight loss eCourse |

When you think of yoga maybe you imagine a group of people sitting cross legged with their eyes closed. Many people do not realize that yoga for weight loss is easy to start, accessible to … Read More

7 Signs You Need a more Plant Based Diet

7 Signs you need a more plant based diet | Recommended servings of fruits and vegetables | Why choose a plant based diet | Eat more fruits and veggies

Why should you inlcude more plants in your diet? Throughout my life I have personally experienced a number of the symptoms that are due to a non plant based diet. That’s not so surprising when … Read More

Diet or Exercise for Weight Loss

If your goal is to lose weight is diet or exercise more important? | Diet or Exercise | Should I focus on diet or exercise to lose weight? | Weight loss |

Which is more effective? Diet or Exercise for Weight Loss In a perfect world we would all exercise regularly develop a sensible and nutritious diet get lots of sleep drink lots of water That would … Read More

Super Simple Budgeting Tool

Simple Budgeting Tool Not too long ago we were in your shoes. We had a grand total of about $50,000 worth of debt. The total consisted of a $20,000 Master’s Degree, a $10,000 bathroom remodel, and … Read More

Baby Wearing Workouts

Lose Serious Baby Weight with these 6 Amazing Baby Wearing Workouts | Post Baby Workout | Lose Baby Weight | Baby Carrier Exercise|

Baby Wearing Workouts Your baby is here and you are finally ready to start doing something besides sleep and change diapers! Once you have received clearance from your doctor it’s the perfect time to start … Read More

Sandwich Free School Lunches

School Lunch Ideas for the kid who won't eat a sandwich | Sandwich Free School lunch ideas | DIY lunchables | School Lunch Ideas.

Sandwich Free School Lunches – 3 Amazingly Simple Ideas When you think about packed school lunches, PB&J or ham and cheese sandwiches come to mind. We were a few months into the school year when … Read More